Strawberry Hemp Extract Marshmallows (set of 12) - 120mg per box

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Get ready to mellow out with our delicious Strawberry Hemp marshmallows. We combined the naturally earthy taste of our hemp extract with fresh strawberries for a wonderfully balanced combination. Our hemp extract and marshmallows DO NOT contain any THC and is hemp based -- making it nationally legal in the US. You will feel the therapeutic and relaxing effects of the marshmallows within minutes of enjoying. Made with hemp extract from Sorse Labs, each marshmallow contains 10mg of hemp for a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic effect.


Our marshmallows are made in a facility where there are nuts and wheat products. However, XO Marshmallows do not contain nuts or wheat. XO Marshmallows are all egg free and gluten-free. No high fructose corn syrup, No preservatives. [Most marshmallows are dairy free, except for Salted Caramel.]

  • Store marshmallows in a cool and dry place
  • The mallows are best if consumed within 8 weeks
  • Each marshmallow is a 1.25" x 1.25" cube
  • Each listing includes 12 delicious mallows

Pure cane sugar, non-high fructose corn syrup, certified kosher gelatin, sea salt, strawberry extract

120mg of hemp extract from Sorse Labs

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