1) Is your physical location open during COVID-19?

Yes, we are open for curbside pickup and dine-in. Please call the cafe ahead of time to place your order for curbside. If you do come inside to order, you must remain behind our 6ft counter line and wear a mask per the Illinois state mandate except for while actively eating. We are also open for delivery via Grubhub and UberEats.

COVID hours are Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-7pm

Friday-Sunday: 11am to 8pm

2) Have online orders/shipping been affected by COVID-19?

We are shipping out FAST and proud of it! We know you're at home and really want your products, so we are shipping within 3-4 business days (Monday-Friday). Our mail carrier comes by every day at 5pm to pick up our shipments. However, all shipping carriers are experiencing longer than usual delays (USPS, FedEX, UPS) that are beyond our control. Once a package leaves our facility, we can only see as much as you do in terms of tracking.

As much as we wish we could make sure that your order arrives in the 2-3 days USPS/UPS states, there are no guarantees. We ask that you please be patient with USPS/UPS during this time. They are all out there working really hard; just like us. If your order is taking a while in transit, please contact Emma at hello@xomarshmallow.com and she will look into it for you.

3) Has your shop been affected by COVID-19?

Absolutely. We a small business running on grit and determination during these times. We are people, just like you, and everything we do is by hand. We make the mallow, cut the mallow, package the mallow, and ship the mallow all by hand. Like many stores, we are short-staffed and our cafe has seen a major decline in customers. However, that won't stop us from working our butts off to bring joy and smiles to you in the form of marshmallows. We say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your support. We've started posting daily reminders of joy to our instagram stories. If you need an extra smile during these times, head over to our instagram to see our notes to you.

4) I emailed someone about my order. . . I haven't heard back?

As a small business, we are wearing many hats throughout the day; from shipping your order to making your order to answering emails and running social media. We have an AMAZING part-time customer happiness manager named Emma who handles all of our customer service emails. We ask that you please give her 24 business hours to respond to your email. She is part-time and we do not have a full staff of customer service reps answering emails *someday!*

1) Are your marshmallows gluten-free?

Yes! We are so excited to announced that ALL of our marshmallows are 100% gluten-free. The only product we make that is not is our classic dream bar. Our products our stored and our facility is cleaned in a way designed to reduce any cross-contamination.

2) Are your marshmallows vegetarian/vegan?

Unfortunately, at this time our marshmallows contain a certified kosher beef gelatin, and are therefore not vegetarian or vegan. It is our hope to begin creating delicious vegan marshmallow options as we grow. So tell your friends and sign up for our newsletter, and hopefully we will be bringing vegan marshmallows to the masses soon!

3) Do you have anything that's vegetarian?

Yes! Our OMG (ooey marshmallow goodness) does not contain gelatin, making it vegetarian. It does contain egg whites, so it is not vegan.

4) Are your marshmallows kosher?

Yes! We use a certified kosher beef gelatin from Great Lakes Gelatin.

5) Are your marshmallows Halal?

We use a certified kosher beef gelatin from Great Lakes Gelatin -- only the marshmallows that contain alcohol are not halal, everything else is. For some people this is sufficient. For others, it is not. Use your best judgment if kosher gelatin is enough for you to consider these halal or not.

6) Are your marshmallows dairy-free?

Most of our marshmallows are 100% dairy-free. The exceptions are salted caramel and nutella. Each product page has a full list of ingredients so that you can check for any allergens.

7) Any other additives?

Heck no! We don't use preservatives or egg whites in our marshmallows! Our OMG (ooey marshmallow goodness/fluff) does contain egg whites, but does not contain gelatin. We also strives to use only the freshest and best of ingredients. If we can't pronounce it or if you don't know what it is, we don't put it in our marshmallows.

1) How do you ship your marshmallows?

Mallows are shipped via USPS Priority 2-3 day mail or UPS Ground depending on the order. We want to make sure you get your orders ASAP.

2) I am in another country, and I LOVE marshmallows. . . do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship to the USA, Canada, and to the UK. We are hoping to expand to more countries soon.

3) OMG I want my marshmallows now! When do you ship?
Since our delicious marshmallows are handmade with love, please allow us 3-4 business days to process your order. Shipping then takes 2-3 business days after that. We do not offer same day or overnight or express shipping.

We do try to get orders out ASAP, but around holidays and busy times please allow us a week to create your items. Marshmallow making is a multi-day process, so we want to make sure we get you the BEST MARSHMALLOWS EVER! If you need your marshmallows, ASAP please give us a shout at hello@xomarshmallow.com and we will see what we can do get them to you sooner.

4) Woah, it's super hot out and my marshmallows are sticky!
Don't worry, that's totally normal. Our marshmallows are coated in a combo of powdered sugar and cornstarch to keep them dry and not sticky. However, when shipping in hot summer months sometimes the sugar melts a little bit and it makes the mallows sticky again. They are still totally delicious and perfectly edible. If you want them to be dry again, you can just add a little more powdered sugar.

We ship with ice packs & insulated bubble wrap in the summer/warmer months, so rest assured that your mallows will arrive 100% delicious and fresh!

9) Do you offer returns or exchanges? Due to the fact that all of our items are edible and perishable, no refunds will be given for any reason.

10) Uh oh, my package was lost! . . .
XO Marshmallow is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages during shipping. Please contact Emma at hello@xomarshmallow.com and she can work with you!

If your order is returned to us due to an incorrect address or customer shipping issue, you may pay shipping costs to have us resend it to you. Or we can refund your order minus a 20% restocking fee.

1) Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do! Contact us for our linesheet and policies!

2) Do you offer bulk pricing for large orders? (i.e. weddings, parties, etc.)

Yes, we do! Contact us for our event pricing and information.

3) How can I shop XO Marshmallow in person?

Head over to our "Where To Buy" page for a full list of our retailers and where to shop XO in person! Make sure to also visit out Cafe + Wonderland in Chicago at 6977 N. Sheridan Rd!