5 Ways to Have Marshmallows at Your Wedding

A gorgeous xo marshmallow s'mores bar with marshmallows inside of gold geodomes

It’s July 2021, and we’re so excited that WEDDINGS have made a big comeback from last year. We’ve actually seen more creativity, individuality, and love this past year when working with our couples. In fact, this month we’ve had over 100 brides reach out to schedule a meeting and find out how they can incorporate their favorite marshmallow business into one of the most meaningful days of their lives. So we were inspired to write up a blog post all about bringing a bit of extra sweetness to your special day. 

Engagement ring inside of a lavender honey xo marshmallow during a s'mores bar

Below are some of our favorite ways to add marshmallows to your wedding, as well as some of our favorite combinations and recommendations. 

1) A S’Mores Bar - We know what you’re thinking. S’mores at your wedding? Absolutely! What could be more fun than giving your guests the ability to toast the happy couple with an actual toasted marshmallow? Pick out a few of your favorite gourmet marshmallow flavors, add some grahams and chocolate, and you’ve got a great dessert station that also doubles as an experience your guests won’t soon forget. (P.S. Did we mention that the s’mores bar is our most requested wedding package?)

A bride toasting xo marshmallows over sternos for her wedding s'mores bar

An attendant staffed s'mores bar where we toast and make the s'mores for you

2) Your Signature Drink - If the champagne is flowing, why not add a little personal touch to your signature cocktails? Choose your and your partner’s favorite flavors, and add a marshmallow to the straw of your cocktail glass. Our favorite combos? Bourbon marshmallows with an Old Fashioned, Lavender Honey with a Gin and Tonic, and Funfetti marshmallows with Champagne. Adding marshmallows is a way to make your cocktails POP and gives off a fun vibe.

A bride sipping on a signature pink cocktail with a funfetti marshmallow on the straw

A glass of champagne whose rim has been dipped in vanilla xo marshmallow ooey marshmallow goodness and rolled in sprinkles

3) Hot Cocoa Station - Who doesn’t love a hot cocoa station for a winter wedding? We think this charming setup is a perfect excuse to add marshmallows to your wedding day. Marshmallows also make sweet additions to coffee and tea, so consider shaking up your combo a bit. How about our seasonal Peppermint marshmallows with hot chocolate, Salted Caramel marshmallows with coffee, or classic Vanilla marshmallows as the “cream and sugar” for your tea? Just ask your planner or friends to set out the marshmallows, and let your guests take it from there.

A winter wedding hot cocoa station with XO marshmallows

4) Edible Favors - We love a wedding favor you can snack on after the after-party. Edible favors are a great option for couples looking to give their guests a little bit of lasting sweetness. We recommend our S’Mores Kits for 2, which guests can bring home or snack on at their hotel room at 3am. We don’t judge.

Custom s'mores kits for 2 favors with the bride and groom's info on it

Custom s'mores kits for 2 wedding favors from our co-founder, Lindzi's, wedding

5) Dessert Bar - Looking for a lower budget option for your wedding? Get creative with a simple dessert table or candy bar with some colorful marshmallows. Our mallows come in a variety of colors to match your event. We’ve even seen some couples use our Ooey Marshmallow goodness for “dessert shots” and our Dream Bars for a crunchy alternative that hits you right in the nostalgia. 

Chocolate dipped marshmallows set up like a rubix cube

Marshmallow fluff dessert shooters and dream bar favors

We believe that marshmallows are something to be enjoyed by everyone, so whether you’re thinking of a fully serviced S’Mores Bar, or loose marshmallows for a wedding shower or candy bar, we’re happy to help make your XO dreams come true! Interested in adding gourmet marshmallows to your wedding? Email us at: partytime@xomarshmallow.com

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