5 Ways to Level-Up Your Halloween with Ghost Marshmallows

It’s Spooky Season and while we’d like to pretend we’re “too old” to beg for candy, we are always down for treats. One of the biggest questions we get at our cafe is how else to enjoy marshmallows (besides just snacking on them) so we’ve put together a list of ways to sweetly scare your Halloween guests using our Boo Thang Marshmallows!

1) Spooktacular Cupcakes

Top a deviled chocolate cupcake with cookies and cream frosting and a Boo Thang for an easy upgrade to a Halloween treat. Pro tip: you can easily pick up premade cupcakes from the grocery store and toss these ghosties on top for a “homemade” look.

Boo Thang Marshmallow Ghosts on top of cupcakes

2) Boo-zy Cocktails

Add a shot of whiskey to hot apple cider, and toss in a Boo Thang for a melty, toasty drink. Making a big batch of cocktails ahead of time? Simply cut a small slit in the marshmallow and let it rest on the rim of the cocktail glass until ready to serve.

3) Boo Thang Hot Chocolate

A cafe favorite, we add Boo Thangs to hot cocoa all October long. For an even more festive beverage, whip up a matcha latte or a Lavender White hot chocolate to go with your boo’s.

Boo Thang Marshmallow ghost hot chocolate

4) Haunted S’mores

There’s nothing spooky about these s’mores but they do disappear in a POOF! Layer a piece of chocolate, a Reese’s cup, or your favorite Halloween candy, on top of a graham cracker. Toast a Boo Thang on top and either leave open-face or smoosh into a sandwich with another graham.

Boo thang marshmallow ghost spooky s'mores

5) Trick or Treat Sweets Table

Throwing a fall bash? We recommend filling various jars, cups, and containers with colorful cookies, candy, and - you guessed it, Boo Thangs! These cute little mallows add just enough oomph to a “Trick-or-Treat” table with very little effort. Toss some in a bowl with popcorn and chocolate candies and stream your favorite spooky movie!

Honestly, we love coming up with different ways to enjoy marshmallows, but our most inspired ideas come from our customers and friends! Show off your Boo Thang and tag us with #XOMarshmallow to have your Halloween creations featured on our feed!

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