A Letter for Late Christmas Packages

It's no surprise that this year has been crazy. From COVID to the election to significant postal delays, it's been quite the year. It's also been even harder to shop small this year because so many businesses, ours included, have faced major challenges to supply chains and shipping. USPS and all carriers have such major delays right now that the idea of Christmas package guarantees no longer exist. So know that if you still chose to shop with us (or any other small business) that we are 100x more grateful! We know how easy it is to shop on places like Amazon and know that "you'll have it in 2 days" -- so the fact that you still chose to support our small business really does mean the world to us.
We wanted to create the below letter for anyone's gift that unfortunately arrives late due to USPS or shipping delays that are beyond our control. This letter can be printed and given to the gift recipient as a place holder until the package arrives to let them know that you made the wonderful decision to shop small this year and that the package (while delayed) was packed, shipped, and ordered with so much love. Thank you again for supporting small and for supporting our shop this year. 
a letter to someone whose present arrives late
With so much love,
Kat, Lindzi, and the whole XO Marshmallow family