Bourbon S'mores Cocktail: As featured on the Today Show

Yesterday was National S'mores Day and our owners, Kat and Lindzi, had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate it at the Today Show by creating a bourbon s'mores cocktail for Kathy Lee and Hoda using our delicious bourbon marshmallows! 
Today we are sharing with you how to make this delicious cocktail so that you can feel like a sassy talkshow host at home! Hoda called the cocktail "delicious" and said it "tastes just like chocolate milk". 
Bourbon S'mores Cocktail:


Bourbon S'mores Cocktail Ingredients:

How to make the bourbon s'mores cocktail:

  • Dip rim of glass into marshmallow fluff

  • Coat fluff in crushed up graham crackers

  • Mix cocoa powder, milk, and bourbon in blender with ice

  • Pour into glass

  • Top with bourbon marshmallows (toast to perfection)

  • Drizzle with chocolate for extra sweetness (we prefer dark chocolate)

One of the things we love most about this cocktail is that is really isn't difficult to make, but it just LOOKS impressive. It's a great way to impress your friends with your mixology skills without really having to do much work at all. Enjoy it for your next glamping trip, patio party, or just when you're looking for a sweet boozy treat.