Fluffy 4th of July: Fireworks + Fruit

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

This year, it seems we are go-go-go! It doesn't help that we have about three different BBQ's and two separate spots to catch fireworks...but we're not complaining! Having the day off to enjoy some quality time with our friends and family is our version of small business heaven. Plus, we found a great way (besides s'mores, duh) to bring everyone a fresh Independence Day treat--with fruit!
Just add a handful of strawberries and blueberries to a bowl of our delicious, gourmet, marshmallows and BOOM! Watch the fireworks explode as people try this sweet and pretty healthy treat. The best part is, you can just pack some mallows and fruit in separate containers to bring with you to ALL your Fourth of July stops. 

We featured our Vanilla marshmallows for that "Red, White, and Blue" affect, but feel free to swap them out for any marshmallow flavors you are feeling! We bet Raspberry would be divine, or even Bourbon for that adult twist.