How to Make a Cotton Candy Marshmallow Cocktail

Summer is almost here -- that means it's almost officially rosè season -- even though technically we think it's ALWAYS rosè season #amiright?! Adding marshmallows to your cocktails as garnish is a great way to elevate the look of your cocktail and add a little something special that most people wouldn't think of incorporating. We love a full-bodied, sweet, rosè, and knew Cotton Candy Marshmallows would be a sweet pairing on a hot summer day. Thus, concept of a Cotton Candy Rosè Cocktail was born! Let's make one together!
A hand adding cotton candy to the top of champagne and adding a garnish of cotton candy marshmallows
Pouring rosè into a gold rimmed champagne coupe
We started by adding our favorite rosè, Graham Beck, to these adorable champagne coupe glasses. Serve your rosè nice and chilled -- We added a splash of vodka to the glasses for an extra kick. Then, we got those Cotton Candy Marshmallows prepped and ready to garnish.
A box of XO Marshmallow cotton candy marshmallows next to a glass of rosè mixed with vodka
There are 2 ways to make this cocktail -- (1) You can either pour the rosè and vodka into the glass first then drop the cotton candy into the glass. Or, (2) you can add the cotton candy to the glass first and pour the rosè and vodka over it. For this drink, we chose to go with the drop method because it keeps the rosè bubblier longer. And come one, what is a rosè without the bubbles?
A hand hovers a ball of cotton candy over a glass of rosè, getting ready to add the final touch to the xo marshmallow cocktail
Once you drop the puff of cotton candy into the rosè & vodka cocktail, it will dissipate quickly. If you want that "hovering" moment where the cotton candy rests on top of the glass, we suggest using a skewer through the cotton candy to rest on top of the glass, or waiting until just serving to add that poof of spun sugar.
The melted cotton candy will turn the pretty pink wine into a gorgeous blood orange red color. The cotton candy adds a creamy sweetness to the taste of the cocktail.
Finally, add a cotton candy marshmallow to the rim of the glass. Use a pair of kitchen scissors, or a knife, to snip the side of the marshmallow. This will create a perfect slit for placing on the rim of the glass. Since marshmallows are sticky on the inside, they stay put on the rim of the glass -- making them perfect for garnishing all sorts of cocktails.
(Pro Tip: add the marshmallows and wait until serving guests to drop your cotton candy, for that OOO-AHHHH experience we all crave as hostesses.)
As the cotton candy melts into the cocktail, it turns from pink to a bright blood orange. Add XO marshmallow cotton candy marshmallows to the rim as garnish
Cotton Candy Cocktail:
Serves 4
- 1 bottle of Rosè
- 2 shots (2oz) of Vodka
- 1 tub of Cotton Candy
- 1 box of Cotton Candy Marshmallows
1) Add rosè and 1/2 a shot of vodka to each glass. Stir.
2) Drop handful of cotton candy into the glass and watch it fizzle.
3) Add cotton candy marshmallow to the rim of the glass. Snip the side of the marshmallow with scissors, or a knife, to get it to sit perfectly onto the glass.
4) Sip and enjoy!
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