How to Throw a Marshmallow Tea Party

“The secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. It’s then, only then, that you’ll find Wonderland” - Alice in Wonderland

XO Marshmallow lavender honey marshmallow inside tea surrounded by rainbow hydrangeas

When you think of tea parties perhaps fabulous ornate cups and finger sandwiches come to mind, or the whimsically wacky Mad Hatter party from Alice in Wonderland, or maybe even a day in court with the Queen in Bridgerton (hello, Regé-Jean Page). Either way, you may not have immediately thought of marshmallows. 

But why not? Marshmallows pair amazingly with tea! We've been pairing marshmallows with our tea from the beginning, but we've recently learned that so many of our followers had no idea you could do that! Since you may not be familiar with this fab combo, we thought we’d share some of our tips and tricks for throwing a marshmallow tea party and our favorite marshmallow and tea pairings.

Step one: Get those marshmallows

Not every marshmallow is going to pair perfectly with tea, but we do have a few favorites. Our go to? Lavender honey. This fragrant floral marshmallow pairs well with earl grey tea (we are partial to Big Heart Tea’s Edith Grey). The lavender marshmallow  melting inside of the earl grey tea creates a fun London Fog effect. Since earl grey has some caffeine in it, it’s a great way to start your morning or a lovely afternoon pick-me-up.

A woman adds an XO marshmallow lavender honey marshmallow to a cup of Edith Grey tea from Big Heart Tea

 Looking for something more mellow (or mallow, around here)? Try pairing our April marshmallow of the month, Lemon, with some chamomile tea. The calming citrus combo it's perfect for winding down or before bed. If you’re someone who already likes adding a little something to your tea such as honey or cream, the lemon marshmallow is going to be perfect for you. But remember, it’s only available for April. 

Are you seeing this after April? Try our vanilla marshmallow instead. 

A flat lay of our lemon xo marshmallow inside a cup of chamomile tea

Now let’s really bring the party with our Rose Gold Rosè mallow! That’s right, we’re talking about adding the beautiful glittery mallow to your tea. Our Rose Gold Rosè mallow is made with Graham Beck brut rose with notes of raspberry and strawberries -- making it perfect for most fruit forward herbal teas. We personally recommend a rose tea or hibiscus tea such as Cup of Love or Blushing. Either way, once it melts you’re going to have a fabulous drink full of sparkle, just like you!

A glittery rose gold rosè marshmallow from XO marshmallow melting on top of a cup of herbal tea

Our Favorite Pairings

Lavender + Earl Grey

Lemon + Chamomile 

Rose Gold Rosè + Rose/Hibiscus 

Boozy Bonus: Bourbon + Hot Toddy

A flat lay of different teas with XO Marshmallows paired with themStep 2: Pair your tea

Tea parties do not have to be stuffy -- they just have to be fun! After grabbing our favorite marshmallows to pair, we found the cutest tea cups (now sold out, but check Etsy for so many vintage options) and made marshmallow tea magic.

Making a great cup of tea is so much easier than you think. If you're going with a loose leaf tea, you only need about a teaspoon of tea per cup, so don't overcrowd your tea infuser! Also, speaking of infusion, we recommend steeping tea 1-2 minutes depending on the flavor. Let the tea rest for another minute, then add your marshmallow. Marshmallows are great in any tea you might want to otherwise sweeten with honey, or cream.  

XO Marshmallow lavender honey and rose gold rosè marshmallows paired with tea at a tea party

 Step 3: Make it fun!

Since we love a good tablescape, we added gold spoons, adorable cups, a serving tray, and all the rainbow hydrangeas we could find to create an environment just as whimsical as our marshmallows. And snacks? Well of course you have the extra mallows, but we also recommend adding in some graham crackers, cookies, fingers sandwiches and more.

Whether you’re adding marshmallows to your daily tea or throwing a full on party, it’s all about having fun and living your sweet life.


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