May's Campfire Chats: IPO Cosmetics

IPO Cosmetics amongst a cozy scape of sweaters, coffee, and flowers
Hey Troop! It's that time of the month again, our Fireside Chats! This month we are talking to Michelle Kim from IPO Cosmetics. If you subscribe to our Marshmallow of the Month Club, then you may already be a little familiar with IPO -- as they were our small business partner for May's box. Did you get your's?

IPO (It's Perfect On) is a vegan, cruelty free, paraben free skincare company. They focus on a 4 step facial designed for busy women (and men) on the go. Of course, as small business owners we know all about being busy and instantly fell in love with Michelle's product and concept. Michelle got her start in fashion before moving over to the beauty world (we love a good pivot). We recently sat down with Michelle to hear more about IPO and her journey!

Tell us a little about your company. How did you get started?

I am a veteran of fashion brand of over 20 yrs. I've moved on from my fashion brand business 8 yrs ago after I've been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 3 surgeries in 4 yrs, and I've found the new passion for skincare after drastic change in my skin through this process. I've grown into a huge interest in skincare just for my self and thought everyone deserves to have great skin to feel better about themselves.

What is your company mission statement? Are you supporting any social good causes?

Invest in your skin to look and feel better about yourself! We try to get connected with companies that are willing to participate for good cause, raise funds to donate to local charities. We have set aside percentage of sales to donate any non profit charity each year.

What is your favorite part of owning a business? Least favorite?

My favorite part of owning my business is you are your own boss and no one can tell you what to do! Least favorite? Think at least few times a day, how the heck am I going to do this? Hahaha!
Headshot of IPO Cosmetics founder, Michelle Kim

What is one piece of advice you would give for someone starting a business?

You really have to love what you do and know about your product. You have to be passionate about your product, and believe in it. It's lot of hard work and tears, and mostly lot of responsibilities. Otherwise, don't even waste your time.

Why is important for more womxn to become founders?

Women pay much more to be women to look good everyday on cosmetics, clothing, dry cleaning, hair products, feminine products, and etc. We deserve to be successful on our own to reward ourselves. Women mentor the most successful human beings, so why not be out there to encourage more?
IPO Cosmetics featured in Luxe Life Magazine

Where do you find sources of inspiration?

Living my life day to day is my biggest inspiration. Live your life fully, never regret, and always be thankful.

What is your favorite product you make? Why?

All of my product is all of my favorite. I have put my heart and my soul in it, I don't have a favorite.
A side by side of IPO Cosmetics 4 step skincare routine

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I would like to see big charities logos that will partner behind my brand. I would like to be a brand that support teenagers that needs college tuition, elderly needs support of living, orphans that needs finding right homes, homeless that needs to find jobs and place to live. So many people deserve to live better, and there are too many people need help out there that needs to have the opportunity to change their lives with a little help.
IPO Cosmetics sheet masks over a bubble bath setting

What is a quote or mantra you live by?

Let the creativity motivate your life! Always be thankful for what you have for today!

What is your ideal s'more? Or hot cocoa?

Dark Chocolate with fluffy marshmallow with crispy crackers. Hot chocolate with small marshmallow that will just melt when you sip when you are on your break on a ski slope...
IPO cosmetics with flowers and tea

Who is ready to immediately go use their 4 step facial?! I know we are! If you are part of our Marshmallow of the Month Club, then you already have BOTH sets of her facials to try (and 2 delicious boxes of marshmallows to snack on while you use it). If you aren't part of the club, that's okay (you can still join next month) AND Michelle graciously offered all of our fans 30% off their orders of $45+ using promo code: XOXO -- so what are you waiting for? Let's all go get flawless skin!

Find IPO Cosmetics online and on Instagram at @ipocosmetics.

Who should we chat with next? Are there any womxn owned businesses we should partner with for our Marshmallow of the Month Club?

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