Mother's Day Gift Guide... from our mom's!

From the beginning of Kat and Lindzi's decision to open a gourmet marshmallow shop, and Melissa's decision to go to culinary school -- our mother's have continued to be our number 1 champions. They are always encouraging us, supporting us, and helping us to succeed.

We knew we wanted to create a Mother's Day gift guide this year, to show you all of the delicious marshmallow treats that mom would love. But as we were trying to decide what to add, we realized, "Mother knows best!" So we decided to let our mom's show you what their favorite treats are!

Thank you, moms, for all that you do for us! We are so lucky to have you in our lives. We have made it to where we are today in part because we have been raised by fierce, strong, intelligent women who have supported our dreams. 
And like we said, mother knows best! So when trying to decide what to get you mom's for Mother's Day (or any day for that matter), let our mom's help!


Lindzi, Kat, and Melissa 

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  • Ravyne

    I was just wondering something. I have recently stumbled across you ingenious-ness and I was wondering if y’all ship? Out of state?….Pretty please? I’m a s’mores-aholic!