Recipes: Delicious Breakfast S'mores

Here at XO Marshmallow we take brunch and breakfast pretty seriously. And by seriously, we mean full of fun! We are always looking for the perfect way to put a twist on a classic s'more favorite, and today we are taking it into the AM with our breakfast s'mores!

Breakfast S'more Ingredients:

  • XO Marshmallow Vanilla Marshmallows
  • Cherry Pop-Tarts
  • Homemade chocolate chips mini waffles (use waffle batter mix or take the fast route and use Eggos!)
  • Maple syrup
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Lighter/culinary torch

How to create your breakfast s'more:

  • Make chocolate chip mini waffles
  • Start with the cherry Poptarts and top with the mini waffle
  • Top with vanilla marshmallows and toast/melt to perfection
  • Add sliced strawberries to the sides of the marshmallows
  • Top with maple syrup
  • Smush together with another Poptart
  • Stuff your face full of breakfast s'mores

XO Marshmallow with poptarts, strawberries, waffles and syrup

Next time your BFF says "Let's go to brunch!" dazzle them with your ability to make a delicious breakfast s'more at home. I mean, who ever turned down marshmallows in the morning? Especially when presented with POPTARTS?!?! 

You can go ultra meta and even use the s'mores flavored Poptarts, but we wanted our breakfast s'more to have more of a fresh fruit taste, which is why we opted for cherry and fresh strawberries. But hey, you do you!


Lindzi + Kat