Sweet Life Favorites 001

A while ago on Instagram, we asked our followers if they would want to see different things and sources of inspiration that we use to live our sweet life. The answer was an overwhelming YES! Yay! We are so thrilled you all want to live your sweet life with us at XO. We're all about sweet -- and that goes beyond the marshmallows we produce. Living your sweet life is a state of mind, a manifesto we live by. More on that later, but for now... we want to show you what is currently inspiring us!
We draw inspiration from all sorts of areas, not just food or sweets. From art, to fashion, to DIY, and more -- inspiration for living your sweet life is everywhere! So we are starting a new series on the blog called Sweet Life Favorites, to show you the 5 things that are giving us the most inspiration right now. Let us know if this is something you love and want to keep seeing or not.

Aww Sam Felt S'mores DIY

Ked's and Sunnylife Rainbow Sneaker

Packed Party Disco Ball Clutch

Colorful dress from Tomo Koizumi

Custom caboodle from kailochic

Live your sweet life! - Troop XO