Welcome to the Darker Side of Marshmallows

After Dark is the 'naughty' side of XO Marshmallow. We often call her the evil twin. Inspired by some of our favorite cocktails, After Dark pushes the boundaries of desserts -- highlighting the complexities of popular cocktails and distilling those flavors into the perfect marshmallow.

    We wanted to really push the boundaries of what a marshmallow could be with After Dark --- focusing on cocktail flavored marshmallows and emphasizing complex flavors.
    It all started with our Malort marshmallow. Malort is a liqour in the wormwood family & an alcohol you can only get in Chicago. It has a bit of a cult following and a notorious reputation in the city for being so bad that it's good. We were intrigued by this idea of being bad while being good -- playing with the idea of a "naughty" side to XO. A side with darker colors, an adult additude, and delicious booze infused flavors.
    From the love of our malort mallow, after dark was born. We decided to create a line of mallows infused with booze (but they won't get you tipsy!) that apprecaites the complete flavors of a cocktail. For example, the Old Fashioned Mallow tastes like orange, bourbon, bitters, and more! You get all of those levels of flavor that you would get in the cocktail itself!

Want to Carry After Dark?

Our After Dark Marshmallows are popular by the box & unpackaged! Eat by themsevles, use them to garnish a fabulous cocktail, or create an intricate dessert. You can't go wrong.

Join the rest of our amazing stockists & get ready to get creative with marshmallows!