Marshmallow Turtles (set of 2)

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With house-made caramel, pecans, layered with Vanilla marshmallow and dipped in dark chocolate, it's no wonder we can barely keep these treats in stock. They come in a cute 2-pack you can snack on or share. 

Taking our love of marshmallows to a whole other level. Our treats were inspired by some of our favorite desserts, delivered from our kitchen to yours, with love. Please keep your treats in a cool place! We recommend storing Turtles in the fridge, and Cookie Dough items at room temperature.

Our marshmallows are made in a facility where there are nuts. However, XO Marshmallow is a 100% gluten free and peanut free facility. XO Marshmallows are all egg free and gluten-free. No high fructose corn syrup, No preservatives. 

  • Store marshmallows in a cool and dry place
  • The turtles are best if consumed within 8 weeks
  • Each listing includes 2 delicious marshmallow turtles

Pure cane sugar, non-high fructose corn syrup, kosher gelatin, kosher sea salt, pure vanilla bean paste, pure vanilla extract, salted caramel sauce, dark chocolate, toasted pecans

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